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The Denlo Group – Car Dealer Sydney

The Denlo Group calls the geographical heart of Sydney, Parramatta, home. Conveniently located amongst the auto-bustle of Church Street, the dealership is open seven days a week, showcasing both new and used vehicles as well as official VW and Isuzu UTE merchandise.

Our dealerships are situated at several different locations along and around Parramatta’s Church St.

Denlo Isuzu UTE: 32-34 Church St, Parramatta, not far from Westfield Parramatta.

Denlo Volkswagen: 14-18 Church Street in Parramatta, otherwise known as ‘Auto Alley’.

As a long-established local business, this car dealer Sydney has been servicing the surrounding community for many years. Whether you’re shopping for a new passenger or commercial VW or Isuzu UTE, our team of highly-trained experts will help you find the vehicle that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

As a car dealer NSW, we proudly pride ourselves on first-rate customer service. As a direct result, you the customer can enjoy peace of mind that the work conducted at our service centres is of the highest standard. Please note: for both new and pre-owned vehicle owners, it’s important to stick to your recommended service schedule to ensure you don’t accidentally void your car’s warranty.

Our car dealer Sydney is wholly owned by one of Australia's largest independent automotive distributor,Trivett Automotive Retail Pty Ltd (TAR). Trivett is Australia's largest prestige automotive group and the retail unit of Inchcape Australia. Trivett represent 15 automotive brands including a majority of the world's most esteemed marques. Trivett has 23 dealerships across Australia, employing over 1,200 people and selling over 25,000 vehicles annually. Through the professionalism and expertise of its people, the quality of products offered and the contemporary world class facilities, Trivett Automotive Retail strives to provide the ultimate customer experience every time and every where.

Visit us online, drive down to our Parramatta showrooms, or book an appointment at one of our service centre to learn more about our business.